Monday, October 04, 2004

Why'd you choose this name for your blog?

It's kind of a special feeling. Posted by Hello

I almost entered HUH? when the window popped open — remember, I was only trying to get a log-in for a friend's blog — except a song I've loved for a long time began playing in my head. Talk about a major EARWORM! So, I entered its name and it didn't bounce back as already used, and there you go.

A Cool Change's lyrics, to me, are about finding a quiet place for myself, often within myself, while everyone else around me seems to be going nuts. For as long as I can remember, that physical place has been looking out at the ocean.

Little River Band's lyrics are about sailing. I morphed them to fit me because all I need to do is be by the water. And with that song, many times, I almost feel like I am.



Blogger GUYK said...

I like the name..kind a cool..

Mine is supposed to be sarcasm but seems people don't always take it that way..believe me..Charmin' I ain't

9:47 AM  

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