Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard the same BS before

The 2004 Presidential Election is now less than a month away, and it’s shaping up to be another winner . . . for lawyers and their billable hours, that is.

The Democrat Party’s nominees — John Kerry and his running mate, John Edwards — take every opportunity to keep the myth alive that Floridians voting for Al Gore in Election 2000 were done wrong. Je$$e Jack$on is doing his part, too, with his usual race baiting techniques. Representative Corrine (Corrine Delivers!) Brown (D Fl) opened her yap once again, this time on the House floor, and was so over the top — which is nothing new for her — that her fellow congress critters voted to have her remarks stricken from the Congressional Record. Oh, and let’s not forget good old Jimmy Carter who recently said that Florida doesn’t even meet international standards for fair elections.

I wish Jimmy would go build another house or something. He’s better at than that anything he’s ever done in his life especially his disastrous, single term as President.

It’s all the Republican’s fault, they whine. Republicans are all cheaters and liars and will do anything to keep you from getting the elected officials you should have. A Democrat!

They don’t want you to pay attention to the fact that of the 25 counties with the most spoiled ballots, 24 of them were run by Democrat election commissions.

And no where is this more evident than the constant and continuing chaos still occurring in one of the four counties Al Gore cherry picked for recounts during 2000: Broward.

(Miriam Oliphant, Supervisor of Elections) combined ineptitude, arrogance, volatility and mule-headed stubbornness in a uniquely toxic mix that also served to increase racial polarization in Broward County.

That’s right, Miriam Oliphant. Still there two years after Broward County commissioners ordered an audit of her office and news reports began appearing about her complete incompetence.

Until the sheriff’s deputies escorted her from the Government Center building, she seemingly believed that her office was in fine shape and that the governor would never suspend her.
When Governor Jeb Bush did, it didn’t take long for the games to begin.

"Wrong or right, we’re going to stand up for you, and we’re not going to let them lynch you," says the Rev. Dennis Grant, the senior pastor of Restoration Ministries of Margate.

Instead of lambasting Florida as a whole, voters would have been better served if Jimmy Carter had just concentrated on Broward County and the circumstances Shawn Barbe describes in detail to support Miriam Oliphant’s selection as Jackass of the Year by City Link Magazine.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mark my words, they WILL be contentious in any states that have vote margins in the noise floor.
-- gekko (Signed up for a blogger account, but it ain't workin' yet)

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