Saturday, October 23, 2004

Short and sweet.

The only way I can think of to describe to you the road in front is to tell you to imagine a bell curve. We're at the underside of its top. Does that work? I hope so.

Long, long ago we all stopped counting how many dingbat drivers have taken that curve too fast and ended up smashing through fences or into poles on its topside. We on the bottom half have generally been spared, except for the drivers who've lost control, then over-corrected and ended up on our side.

We've been lucky, though. (Knocking on wood quickly and repeatedly.) Nothing of ours has actually been hit although one vehicle did come to a rest, finally, upside-down only a few feet from our front gate. The church, our only connecting neighbor, has also been spared. Or it had been until last night.

Another dingbat driver, forgetting about centrifical force, took the curve at high speed. Going off the road on its topside, the driver over-corrected. His vehicle became airborne, landing on this side of the road on top of the the church's mailbox, and all of the rural-route mailboxes in line with it. The car also smashed about 15 feet of the church's concrete parking markers and not done yet, a few other sundry items before it finally came to a rest.

Rescue transported the apparently uninjured driver to the hospital for observation, before his trip to jail for driving under under the influence of, whatever it was he was under the influence of.

Most of the debris in front of the church and in its parking lot had been cleaned up by this afternoon, but it's going to take a while before all of the breakage has been repaired or replaced. And in the midst of it stands the church's sign on which it announces upcoming events.

Its base bent a little on one side, instead of showing its usual list of services and their times, something special that they have scheduled for the week or a verse from the Bible, the sign its members will see tomorrow when they pull in for Sunday service is quite simple.



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