Saturday, November 13, 2004

A mad-mad world

We're out of spaghetti sauce and will be.

I have the cans of crushed tomatoes, the ground beef, fresh garlic and everything else except for the bell pepper.

(If you don't put diced bell pepper in your sauce, I do so just shaddap about it. Okay?)

I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few odds and ends and on my list was the bell pepper I'd forgotten to buy earlier in the week. When I got home I still didn't have the bell pepper but this time it wasn't because I'd forgotten it.

After I finished lugging the "odds and ends" in (four trips) that's when Hubby magically appeared, and just in time to see me putting the cans of crushed tomato back in the cabinet.

"What are you doing," he whined. "I thought you were going to make spaghetti sauce."

Suddenly I was back in the grocery store, sorting though the small to medium-sized bell peppers looking for a decent-sized one that wasn't damaged in some way. One that looked like it hadn't been sitting there for a weeks. Again, I was experiencing the same shock I'd had earlier when I glanced at their price, a price I kept reading again and again — even reading each character individually — because I knew I had to be mistaken: Bell Peppers, $1.79 ea.


Hubby will survive his disappointment, especially after I tossed a couple of beautiful NY Strip steaks at him. "These were on sale."

It's a mad-mad world when considering the price per pound, steak is cheaper than bell peppers.

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