Thursday, April 28, 2005

Presidential Press Conference: 8 p.m.

In addition to talking about the energy program he submitted to Congress FOUR YEARS AGO, tonight Dubya's expected to begin providing the details of his proposal to overhaul Social Security.

The Lefty-Loons will waste no time squawking in rebutal. Then again, from the start they've been saying how bad Dubya's plan is, and he hadn't even announced what it was.

Neil Cavato writes:

I cannot fathom anyone saying [Social Security] doesn't need fixing. Anyone telling you that is lying to you. Period.
As I wrote here, Dubya's not backing up or backing away. The Loons are, NOT that they're going to come right out and admit it. No, they'll continue to blither and blab, and comission push polls with carefully crafted questions designed to provide the results they want.

Their disinformation has worked with some but obviously not all:

Though President Bush has talked about voluntary accounts, the new poll finds that while 57 percent of Americans understand the accounts would be voluntary, 27 percent believe they would be mandatory, and the remaining 17 percent are unsure.
Maybe Dubya should have done a better job explaining? But explaining what? How could he have explained a complete plan, that hadn't yet been developed? Don't ask me.

What he has been saying, however, is getting through:
On the personal level, 53 percent say they want the choice to invest a portion of their contributions, up from 48 percent in early February — soon after President Bush spoke in his State of the Union address about offering investment accounts. Among those under age 55, almost two-thirds (64 percent) want the option to invest.
More here.

(And I'm still trying to track down the complete results. They're there! I know they are! Somewhere!!! But I'm out of time.)



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