Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Update: Jessica's Petition

I'm still getting steady hits to my entry here from people trying to find information on "Jessica's Petition." As I later added, the petition was publicized and quickly withdrawn with an explanation that a new one would be forthcoming.

I've since noticed an article dated April 1 about Joseph Dawson, the petition's author, that points to Protect Florida Children. The site, which Mr. Dawson says is the home of the petition he wrote, is HORRIBLY done.

I scrolled all over the place (Have I mentioned the site is a disaster?) and finally found:

The petition phase of our campaign is completely over, and I would like to personally thank the thousands of people who promoted our cause.. . . Senator Nancy Argenziaro did a fabulous job of creating Senate Bill 1216 after our Child Protection Amendment and she deserves our support and thanks.

Elsewhere (The site SUCKS!), Mr. Dawson also writes:

The original author of "The Child Protection Amendment", aka "Jessica Petition" was in fact Joseph H. Dawson of Homosassa, Florida. Several individuals pirated the Jessica Petition for profit and commercialization. NONE of these petitions were authorized by the author nor are legally valid to support a Florida amendment or a federal law. All signatures on those petitions are in fact worthless. Online petitions are invalid and only original signed petitions can be accepted by a governmental entity.
And then if you scroll around enough, there's a link to a statement that pretty much says "I'm not doing this for money or publicity before running for office, or . . . " Read the whole thing.

(Does something seem a little off to you, or is it just me?)

Still, no petition or if it's there somewhere, I sure can't find it. Which is kinda strange, since you'd think it would still be displayed even if that "phase of our campaign is completely over."

Yes, there are a couple of other petitions out there: here and here for example, but according to statements made by the site administrator and senior moderator in the OFFICIAL Jessica Lunsford chatroom in these two threads, the Lunsord family has not endorsed nor are they connected with any of the petitions.

(Note: See here for my post on some of the provisions in the proposed Jessica Marie Lunsford Act.)

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