Thursday, June 16, 2005

The mother of all rip-offs

"While the vast majority of retirement plans are run responsibly, unethically using workers' retirement contributions to fund current expenses, instead of saving them for workers' retirement, is still an all-too common occurrence."

What's the biggest perpetrator? United Airlines? Unions that are diverting funds from its members' pension plans into other activities?

No. It's the United States government.

More here.

Elsewhere, Brooke Oberwetter wonders why Democrats are so against changing a system that discriminates against two groups it claims to be the great defenders of: women and unmarried couples.

And today is Thursday. You knew that I'm sure but what you may not be aware of (and I keep neglecting to mention) is that at Will Franklin's, every Thursday is REFORM THURSDAY. This is his 20th installment.



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