Thursday, August 04, 2005

Still Missing

I emailed Christmas Ghost when I noticed one of the replies to her original message. The person replying said that they'd contacted the sheriff's office and been told that Cheryl had been in touch with a friend recently.

Christmas Ghost replied to my email saying that the sheriff's office remains uncertain that the person their deputy talked with had actually had any contact with Cheryl. (Christmas Ghost has since deleted the reply with the false information that drew my attention.)

Meanwhile, word has been spreading that via email "a relative" is reporting that the sheriff's office has confirmed that Cheryl had run away and recently been in contact with friends.

Again per Christmas Ghost, this is not coming from any members of her family. To add to it, she's just discovered that someone masquerading as her is posting replies to blogs.

As you might imagine, Christmas Ghost is swamped and hasn't had a chance to update her blog.

Until reported differently here, Cheryl remains missing.


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