Saturday, September 17, 2005

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Blogger Scarlett said...

I'd rather be fat then stupid. Being fat doesn't cause problems such as happened in NOLA but being stupid and corrupt does.

Bush cut funds that were intended to fix the problems with the levees and diverted that money to the middle east where it ended up in the hands of those at Haliburton which also got a no-bid contract to rebuild NO.

At least Ted Kennedy doesn't have dual loyalities and he never lied us into a holocaust against people who never did anything to us and furthermore he never needed the bin laden family to set him up in businesses which he quickly ran into bankruptcy only to have the bin laden and Saudi families to bail him out.

Ted Kennedy never invaded Iraq after 9-11 because he knows the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq and he is certainly not responsible for failing to catch bin laden.

5:11 PM  
Blogger Mark said...

I thinki you'd rather be fat THAN stupid. I wouldn't want to be stupid after fat, or before either, for that matter.

As far as your last comment, here you go:

"The "No Connection Between Al-Qaeda and Iraq" Canard"

5:58 PM  
Blogger Scarlett said...

The link you gave is nothing but the opinion of rightwing propagandists with blogs. It doesn't prove anything and you know it.

People such as yourself are ready to peddle any bs that the republicans dish out. You were probably just as adamant that saddam had wmd. What happened to all those thousands of pounds of biological weapons and anthrax and all those nuclear weapons aimed at the USA? Fool me once shame on --- er, fool me once and you can't fool me again.

On the one hand you claim these people are terrorists and we must destroy them and then in the next breath you claim we must give them democracy. You're full of it.

Regardless of what saddam did the people of iraq are not guilty for his crimes and yet we have committed a holocaust against them.

During Clinton's term you were wailing "what will we tell our children, he lied he lied" and now you pretend that nothing has happened after you discover bush has done nothing but tell one lie upon top of another and hundreds of thousands have died as a result, including our children which you were previously so protective of and concerned about.

Your opinion is whatever is convenient for the rightwing agenda and has no foundation in honesty, patriotism or principle.

Whatever Saddam has done in the past it is certain he had a lot of help from the very people who brought him down. No honor among theives I suppose.

You can google "saddam shaking hands with Rumsfeld" and you can see that those in the Bush administration who also worked in the Reagan administration did business with saddam and didn't seem to think he was evil when they found him to be useful. Whatever blood saddam has on his hands is on the hands of those in the bush adm.

The Bush administration gave millions in aid to the TALIBAN and members of the Taliban visited Washington and engaged in negotitions with the Bush adm for a pipeline thru Afganistan. Bush promised them a "carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs" for the pipeline. google it.

When the Taliban realized the bush thugs were not negotiating in good faith they broke off talks and they got their carpet of bombs and bush now has his pipeline and bin laden is free as a bird.

If people in the middle east fight against the United States it is because many of them die as a result of our support of the evil, terrorist state of Israel and it seems to me they have a right to defend themselves and to fight against their sworn enemies. Calling them terrorists is wrong since it is Israel and the US that terrorizes them.

bin laden has written public letters to the american people and told us we are attacked because of israel. every american has a target on our backs because of israel. you may be willing to die for israel and to bankrupt america for isreal but many americans are not. the arabs are not my enemies.

Furthermore the pilots who flew the planes on 9-11 RECEIVED FLIGHT TRAINING IN JEB BUSH'S FLORIDA, which according to yours and Christopher Hichins' standards means jeb and george aided terrorists and we need to take out both of them which I'm all for anytime you're ready.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Mark said...

Scarlett: Your bio says you enjoy discussing politics. You should try it sometime. Discussing politics and leveling baseless accusations are not the same thing.

11:33 AM  
Blogger doyle said...

Dear Scarlett,

6:45 PM  

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