Sunday, October 23, 2005

Blogging Hurricane Wilma

Bou, in addition to putting up her hurricane shutters while commenting (repeatedly and loudly) about The Suckiness of Hurricanes, has also managed to complete Version 8 of her Florida Blogger's map. If she loses power, The Great Omnipotent One (TGOO) is on standby.

If you take a quick look at Wilma and her path, you'll see just how important Bou's map is. Rather than having to rely on the idiot reporters and reporterettes news for information on the conditions before, during and after, you can get it from the real experts. (Links to many of the bloggers shown on the map can be found in my sidebar.)

Florida Cracker's ready, too, and is laying in an extra supply of potato chips to munch on, although she admits she's been eyeballing a a portly person who lives down the street from her in case things get really bad and to survive, she has to resort to cannibalism.

Mary Stella, who is sticking it out in the Keys, has decided to do something different rather than let her brain continue to atrophy from all of the weather coverage she's been watching.

Here in Northeast Florida the weather is yucky. (If yucky isn't a meteorological term I'm making it one.) It's overcast, a little on the chilly side with occasional showers.
LATER: There's a Carnival for Hurricanes?



Blogger Mary Stella said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog and for letting me know about Boudicca's map.

I propose a new drinking game for hurricane parties. Everyone chugs each time a meteorologist says: wind shear, cone of error/possibility, milibars or Saffir-Simpson scale.

5:45 PM  

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