Sunday, January 29, 2006


You're always interested in trying something different, learning the latest skill, and inventing new ways of doing things. The incredible breadth of your expertise has gained you the reputation for being a "know-it-all." Chances are you would have great success as a computer programmer or software developer. You also have considerable writing talent and may want to try your hand at journalism. Whatever career you choose, it should involve gathering and processing lots of information. Such work greatly appeals to your neat, orderly mind.

You are very physically affectionate, and you need a partner who loves to cuddle as much as you do. Chances are you will enjoy a fulfilling sex life well into your golden years. This will keep you strong, healthy, and vigorous. Later in life, folks may tease you about your youthful exuberance and demand to know your secret. Replying with a mysterious smile will give you a delightful kick. One thing is for sure; you will get better as you grow older. Clever and witty, you like folks with a good sense of humor. Geminis, Leos, Sagittarians, and Capricorns keep you rolling in the aisles. Earth signs are your best bet for romance as these are the only signs that are as sensual and passionate as you. A tender Taurus, virtuous Virgo, or comely Capricorn would make a good mate for you.

Via: East West Horoscope spotted at Mickey's Musings.

What? You didn't know it's the Chinese Lunar New Year? Shame on you. As a matter of fact, it just happens to be The Year of the Dog!

Oh, and the Carnival of the Dogs is up at Mickey's, too.

Okay. I'm a Rabbit Virgo. So if I plug Hubby's birth date in, let's see . . .

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Blogger SinisterBaby said...

I'm an Aries. I'm an extreme Aries.

Did I say I was an extreme Aries?

I'm so Aries, I'm living proof of astrology. And as The Gipper said, "people do seem to resemble their star signs." Truer words, never.

Ronnie said this when he was accompanying Nancy to a meeting of the Black Hoof Coven.

I used to laugh at Reagan. I saw him on Larry King Live before Desert Shield, backing up the Prez. It was a goddamn tour de force. He was no dummy; he had Larry King running around in circles.


3:50 AM  

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