Sunday, August 27, 2006


There's no such thing as a good time for a hurricane but right now, the timing particularly sucks.

Sick horse (The vet's coming back out again tomorrow.) and an under-the-weather Hubby. To make matters even more fun, we finally got a danged good dose of hard rain earlier in the week. Except for a little here and there, it's been dry so we sure needed it. Unfortunately because we having had any, it wasn't until we got some that we discovered we having running water . . . through the dining room ceiling.

With all the phone calls only one roofer bothered to call back. He came out and announced that instead of a spot that needs fixing, the whole roof's shot and needs to be replaced. It's not that I doubt him, the roof's due, but I'd like a second opinion . . . and quote.

Not that we'll have the time now even if the one roofer could get the job done immediately, which he can't. But with Ernesto either heading this way or affecting us even if it's a near miss . . .

Miss Manners says the way to handle uninvited company that just announces their arrival and expects you to comply, is to explain that now's just not a good time. You've already made other plans.

You think that might work?


Blogger Paula said...

That does suck. Fingers X'd that Ernesto stands you up.

4:47 PM  
Blogger doyle said...

You and me both, but it doesn't look that way. BUT, the just-released prognostication (which, of course, isn't worth shit especially this far out so don't uncross your fingers) is that Ernesto will be at tropical storm strength when it comes by on Thursday. Not arrives but comes by, dodging out into the Alantic south of here. We'll still have rather interesting weather starting sometime Wednesday, but that's a helluva lot better than the alternative.

7:51 PM  
Blogger Norma said...

Maybe Ernesto could skirt your area, take the roof, and then insurance would cover it? Or would that raise your rates too much.

Stay safe!

6:36 AM  
Blogger doyle said...

The cost of our replacing the roof is nothing compared to what it would cost (insured or not) to replace everything else that would be damaged or destroyed if Ernesto took it. Not just "stuff" but walls, floors . . . and I don't even want to think what the insurance increase would be like year after year after year.

We're already with the state's default insurance — have been for a long time — because contrary to what the news has been hyping insurance companies backing out of home owners policies in Florida isn't anything new. Neither is their reluctance to issue new policies. More accurately, a decision going back years either not to at all, or in order to claim that they are put a ridiculously tight quota on the number issued.

Herself and Da Kid went nuts trying to find coverage before they were able to close on The House. "We're so sorry. We've already issued the 100 policies for home owners' insurance we had this year. Could we interest you in auto, instead?"

Figure between shifts if Da Kid has a chance, maybe he can toss a tarp up over whatever spot on the roof is the problem. Not that we know where the hell it is. The alternative, the one I'm going with, is I'll clean out a couple of the big outside trash cans tomorrow and position them, decoratively of course, under the leaks in the living room ceiling.

Norma: Stay safe!

Yes, ma'am.

7:42 PM  
Blogger pamibe said...

It worked! Ernesto is... nothing. If they hadn't told us he was a 'storm', we wouldn't have known anything at all was different.

Sorry about your roof. Ours is original to this old house, so we cross our fingers every time the wind blows. The cost is just... obscene.

7:17 AM  

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