Friday, February 02, 2007


It was sprinkling when I dashed into the grocery store around noon yesterday. The weatherjerks were predicting we'd be getting "weather" starting later in the day and I wanted to be home if, for a change, they were right.

For a change they were.

I'd just come in from feeding Nuthatch (The Horse) when the rain began falling. Nothing bad but it had picked up when a sister-in-law who lives over by Tampa called around 6:30. By 7 when I talked to Da Kid who was on duty in South Georgia, it was really starting to come down. And then, the bottom dropped out.

No wind to speak of, but listening to the roaring rain outside and the occasional plink-plink-plinkity-plink (Hail?) I realized I hadn't heard anything like that since the 2004 hurricanes.

By 8:30 the ground by the back steps was under water. And then, except for showers during the night, it was over.

It hadn't started yet for those in Central Florida where, as of right now, fourteen fatalities have been reported so far.

Later: Nineteen now.

Brother-in-law in Ohio called a bit ago to make sure we were okay, saying he can't figure out why anyone would want to live in Florida. "You just told me you're expecting a temperature of zero degrees or less tonight," I replied. "California has earthquakes and New York, Hillary Clinton. I'm staying put, theng-que-veddy-mush."

Checking the Florida Bloggers who always put the media to shame when it comes to hurricane reporting, nothing from Florida Cracker who I believe is in the affected area.



Blogger Norma said...

Yes, our chill factor in Ohio is miserable today. Stay there in the wind and wet.

Today's Monday Memories is about a lost friendship.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

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Blogger doyle said...

Damn spammer.

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