Tuesday, June 26, 2007


(It's a lousy shot, I know.)

As I was getting ready to head home, I asked Da Kid the next time he takes a class that's going to include a graduation ceremony to maybe, just maybe, choose one close by. Not that I really had that much to complain about since I only had to make the 250-mile round trip once.

On top of his regular shift, for the last four months Da Kid's been making the same trip two or three times a week. And that doesn't include the required clinicals.

Instead of taking Emergency Medical Technician B(eginning) and then whut.ever the subsequent class is called OR the eight-month program that smooshed the two together, Da Kid chose the most intensive one in Savannah, that combined both classes but in a four-month time frame.

Although he graduated yesterday, Da Kid's not quite through yet. Saturday is the practical examination, and he's waiting to find out on what date the written portion of his National Certification Boards will be held.

Then, except for as-yet-undetermined short classes here and there, after over two years Da Kid's taking a much-needed break before quite possibly (probably?) going on to paramedic training.

The Deadly Duo have been see-sawing back and forth, forth and back, like this for five years. Both working, but one working extra hours so that the other one could go to school. And now it's Herself's turn to go back.

Da Kid was a vet tech in an animal hospital. Now he's a firefighter, with certifications in several specialities.

She was a receptionist in the animal hospital. Now she's a Registered Nurse, and wants to be a Nurse Practitioner.

How far they've already come.

How far they'll go is anyone's guess but neither Mama, Herself's mother, nor I are satisfied any longer with their promise that they will pay for our room and care at Shady Pines Nursing Home.

With as much as they'll be earning, we both want our own wings.



Blogger pamibe said...

I know ya'll must be very, very proud! :)

So... are you going to tell us what you have up your sleeve, or draw it out verrry slowwllly? LOL!

7:18 AM  

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