Wednesday, October 27, 2004

A second chance

I've been keeping track of Lilly via Florida Cracker, who covered her from the start and then continued with updates.

Listings like Lilly's were nothing new to me. My son's a vet tech and for a while as a freelancer, I had what I called the "barnyard beat" for a local paper. Some of the articles were about reunions held by farm families who've lived here for generations. (When I was done with one, I managed to jumb back inside my car before a big Emu ate me. Then it and its bretheren chased my car off the property. But, that's another story.) Others were about animal-involved youth activities.

And some of the articles were about animal shelters, both the publicly and privately-funded, no-kill ones.

All I could say when I read FC's newest update about Lilly, well. I didn't say much of anything. I just gave my own "Wonderdog" another scritch behind his ears.

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