Tuesday, November 23, 2004

It's Tuesday before Thanksgiving . . . again

As I do every year, I made one last try to talk Hubby out of a Thanksgiving turkey before I went to the grocery store. I already knew what his response would be but what the heck. Maybe one year . . .

One year I did come close.

If hubby is going to insist on fixing a turkey, I won't offer one bit of assistance or cooperation. He's going to have to buy every single thing for it including the bird itself. It's his show.

I hate crowded stores so my Thanksgiving shopping is normally done well in advance, except for odds and ends that won't keep. Hubby does his shopping on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. All of it. And one year, although he was supposed to be off, the phone rang and he was called into work on an emergency before he'd had a chance to shop. And since a major subdivision has absolutely NO water, he wouldn't be done until long after the stores had closed.

I was so happy.

Then the phone rang. It was ________ who owns the local meat market. Hubby had called him explaining he was stuck at work and wasn't sure if he'd be able to pick up the turkey he'd ordered. "If I'm not there by (whatever time) how 'bout calling my wife. She'll pick it up and I'll pay for it the next time I'm in."

Since Hubby was stuck at work, to make sure he had everything he might need for the turkey, ________ threw in an aluminium roasting pan, a box of aluminium foil, enough boxes of Stove Top dressing to fill a bird that size, a package of bacon to cover it while it's cooking . . .


Since Hubby and I don't "play well together" in the kitchen, tomorrow is my cooking day. I do all the veggies and then package 'em up so that way, on Thursday, they only have to be reheated.

I did the baked goods today. I bought an apple pie.

To be continued . . .

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