Sunday, January 23, 2005

Playful? I hope so.

Florida Times-Union sportswriter Vito Stellino's recent column, Pennsylvania governor sounds playful warning to Jacksonville caught my eye. When I finished reading it, I was left with a strong sense of unease.

"I'm not sure I'd want to be the mayor of Jacksonville when the Eagles and Steelers fans arrive for a week.
It's not as if Steelers fans haven't been here before. They have and several times over the last ten years. They know their football and since Jacksonville has a long history as a football-loving town, while there's the rivalry between both teams and their fans, it's always been of the good kind. Eagles fans, I imagine, wouldn't be much different.

But regular fans don't get to go to Super Bowls. No, the seats are filled with impawtant folk from both the NFL and people with business and political ties in the cities of the two teams playing. If both the Steelers and the Eagles make it to this year's Super Bowl . . .

Wayne at No Shades of Gray, who lives in Philadelphia has blogged about Rendell several times, and is quite familiar with (former mayor and now governor) Ed Rendell and the air of corruption that surrounds him.
Philadelphia produced the current Democratic Pennsylvania (and probable winner) gubernatorial candidate, former mayor Ed Rendell, a union thugs's thug himself, and master of the art of physical intimidation and educational beatings. (See the Deposition of Ed Rendell by Judicial Watch in connection with the beating of Clinton Protester Don Adams, and the Judicial Watch lawsuit against Ed Rendell on his behalf.) -- Election Time! Watch Them Wiley Democwats!, The Tocquevillian, October 30, 2002
Five of the Teamsters involved in the beating received jail sentences. Not long after, Clinton named Rendell's wife to a seat on the circuit court.

John Paul, The Hilderbeast's financial guru in her Senate run, has just received a jail sentence for breaking campaign finance rules. Rendell, also named in the investigation, at the time was the DNC chair.

This last election kept Rendell busy, too, with allegations that he was behind the distribution and collection of absentee ballots to currently incarcerated felons. At the same time, Rendell tried to disenfranchise military voters with an aborted attempt to refuse extention of the deadline for receipt of absentee ballots, even though they'd been mailed out late.

Doyle, you're worrying about nothing, I'm sure you're saying. You're letting your imagination run away with you.

Probably. I certainly hope so. Then again, there's still Stellino's closing paragraphs:

[Rendell]added that "Jacksonville will be getting a plus from the tourism dollars of all those Steelers and Eagles fans,'' but also added that "Jacksonville might have some infrastructure problems.''

Rendell didn't specify what infrastructure problems he was referring to.


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