Friday, February 18, 2005

Ahhhhhh, yes.

Good ol' Scott Ritter is back in the news. Turns out this time, he's writing for Al-Jazeera. Why doesn't that surprise me.

Yep, good ol' Scott, a former Marine, trashing the United States and it's military.

Oh, and look here! Scotty's denigrating Sen. Norm Coleman and the various Congressional investigations into the U.N.'s Oil for Blood scandal.

You think Scotty-poo might be getting a little nervous about what's going to turn up?

[I]n 2004 . . . the newly free Baghdad newspaper Al-Mada . . . named 270 individuals who had received vouchers to buy Iraqi oil at cut-rate prices.

Among those named on official documents Al-Mada obtained were then Indonesian president Megawati Sukarnoputri, British Labor MP George Galloway, former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter and a small army of Russian politicians. [emp -- ed.]

The Weekend Australian

Imagine that! There are other indications that through Oil for Blood, good ol' Scotty -- a former U.N. weapon's inspector -- was on Saddam's payroll:

In 2000, Shakir al Khafaji, a Detroit businessman, provided $400,000 to fund the production of a documentary by former weapons inspector Scott Ritter that claimed inspections had succeeded in removing Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

Khafaji was listed as having been awarded 2 million barrels of oil, for a profit of $931,000 in 2001, according to Duelfer's report and congressional investigators. Khafaji was awarded three more vouchers for a total of 5 million barrels between 2001 and 2003, but he never collected on them, the records show. [emp -- ed.]

Los Angeles Times

But in a 2002 interview, good ol' Scott makes no mention of any movie. No, he talks about paying for a trip to Baghdad out of his own pocket . . . well, not really paying for it himself:

RITTER: I went to Iraq on my own initiative. I made the decision to approach and say I think it is time for me to deliver a message to the Iraqi government that if they don't allow ...

ASMAN: Paid for out of your own pocket?

RITTER: Hell, yes. Or by an anti-sanctions group in the case of South Africa, they didn't spend a single damn penny. I wouldn't accept their money, it is against the law.

ASMAN: Some people say that some of this money has come from Iraqi-Americans, there's one Iraqi-American in particular, who is perhaps not pro-Saddam but at least people say he's against the U.S. position towards Iraq, that that in itself kind ... of [proves that] Iraq is giving people money to do their bidding.

RITTER: ... He's a Detroit-based American businessman. [emp -- Ed.] An American citizen. He has family in Iraq. People have to put this in perspective. They are looking death and destruction in the face. You can't blame a guy that is trying to prevent a war.

ASMAN: He has no contact whatsoever with anybody in the Iraqi government?

RITTER: I didn't say that. How do you think I got the government with him?

FoxNews Transcript

In the above interview, Scott gets nailed REPEATEDLY for his WMD doubletalk. He also provides a very interesting explanation for his resignation as a weapons inspector and why Saddam kicked the U.N.'s inspectors out, both of which occurred in the same year.

Coincidence, I'm sure. Yep. Sure am.

A coincidence, too, I'm sure was the suspicion by the U.N.'s inspectors when they were kicked out, that Saddam was having banned materials moved just before they got to a site because someone was leaking their inspection schedule.

I think good ol' Scotty's going to be in the news a lot, but I doubt he's going to be especially pleased about it.


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