Saturday, March 12, 2005

Update: Lilly

Last year was a busy hurricane season for Florida, and that's putting it very nicely. Between reports on the radio and television, I also had numerous bookmarks for information and updates. What I'd never thought about looking for were bloggers.

I stumbled across Florida Cracker purely by accident. She, as "they" say, was all over it. Posting from downstate, she was pointing to other Florida bloggers (who were also, as "they" say, all over it), uploading .jpgs, screen shots of radar screens and the like, and linking to the latest news reports.

Some of the reports when things were a bit calmer (Remember, we here in Florida pretty much had six week's of non-stop hurricanes.) were about the overflowing animal shelter situation because of pets that had been abandoned. Nothing about any specific animal, just the general situation there.

Then donnah blogged about one, pointing to a "Dog Blog" that was being "written by" an abuse case looking for a home. After linking to a couple of updates, a few here and there over the days, she let her readers know she might be gone for a bit ending with the "tailtell" words, "I'm gonna go see a man about a dog."

And yes, donnah brought the dog, now renamed Lilly, home. Into her home.

That was last September, and she's been keeping everyone apprized of . . . erm, their "adventures."

Lilly's latest update is here. You'll need to spend a little while reading about her -- starting with the first information, which donnah has displayed in her sidebar, and then her progress reports in the archives -- to see just how far she's come.


Blogger Norma said...

You put me on to Florida Cracker and I've really enjoyed her blogs. Thanks.

7:12 PM  

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