Thursday, May 19, 2005

Up yours!

There is no way to describe the physical impact of the World Trade Center when you're looking UP at it: Solid. Strong. Self-Assured. Gutsy. Compelling. Incredible. Maybe even timeless.

Heck, the only way to even get a halfway decent photograph was from a couple of blocks away.

A while back when the first designs were introduced for what will one day take its place on what we now refer to as Ground Zero, I said on a newsgroup (which one doesn't matter) that rebuilding the Twin Towers as they were but stronger and better, would sent a clear message to those who thought their attack would make New York City or the United States cower, trembling in fear.


Instead we got the Freedom Tower: Flimsy. Half-hearted. Confused. Pretentious. Ugly. An architectural mishmash of apprehension.

Donald Trump put it much more succinctly when he described the design — already behind schedule and now even more so because of safety issues raised — as "crap".

What is "The Donald" suggesting instead?

Twin Towers II

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Blogger Mark said...

That's great, but they each better have an anti-aircraft gun on top, too. And a crew that's not afraid to use it.

9:01 PM  

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