Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I'm rich!

Sheila’s father has had a vegetable garden for as long as she can remember, and long before she was born, too. A huge one. The family is smaller now and not as dependent on it as they were years ago, but every year he still puts in the same-sized garden.

As the vegetables ripen, once he and his wife — Sheila’s mother — are done with their canning and / or freezing, he opens it up first to Sheila, then other family members, and finally their neighbors including the church next door to their house and its members.

I’m not family. And I’m Sheila’s neighbor, not theirs, but once again this year while she was picking corn yesterday her father said, "Get some for that Yankee across the way from you, too."

Some is a bushel . . . of Silver Queen corn. It's now shucked, de-livestocked, trimmed, washed, bagged and stacked in my freezer.

When I went to the grocery store this morning — I needed more freezer bags — I noticed they had Silver Queen corn on sale so I took a look. By comparison to what I had heaped in my kitchen, the ears were puny and the sale price? Three for a dollar.

Right now I feel like a danged millionaire.

In our next episode, Doyle will (hopefully) report on the sale price of beer ‘cause Sheila has advised that it looks like the field peas are almost ready to be picked and, as we decided years ago, the only way to shell a couple bushels of ‘em and stay half sane is to get schnockered while we're doing it.


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