Monday, October 24, 2005

Hurricane Wilma: Counting noses

After Mary Stella made the decision to "bail on the Keys" she says she felt like a wimp . . . until she learned Wilma had become a CAT 3. (I think she was just plain smart.)

It seems Steve at Hog on Ice is without power again but he says that's a regular occurance with FPL even if there's no hurricane. He still has telephone service, which he used now matter how much he hates it, to explain the fine art of "hunkering down."

As she expected Bou lost power. TGOO, posting in her stead, has been busy providing regular SITuation REPortS.

Florida Cracker liveblogged the freekin' eye and lived to tell about it.

LindaSoG interrupted her blow by blow (no pun intended) just long enough to wish an UN-happy birthday to the United Nations.

Pam, uses a laptop she's powering off her car battery to check in.

Please check the blogs I've mentioned above for additional entries, as well as those I haven't.

Me? Rain through the night well into the late morning and I have a few small branches on the ground. The sun is shining but with the temperature expected to dip into the 40s tomorrow morning, I'm already freezing my butt off.

Wilma's not done yet, though. After leaving Florida she returned to Cat 3 strength and heading nawth, is expected to play pure hell along the way and with the Northeast.


Anonymous Jeff said...

We dodged the bullet again at my location. I'm just glad I didn't live 100 miles south. Wilma gave us great waves though.

6:50 PM  

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