Thursday, November 24, 2005

It's about damned time

The European Union has officially stated its rejection. The Group of 77, a block of the 132 "developing" nations, is also against it.

Which means, it's about damned time.

John Bolton, our ambassasor to the United Nations, has told this "august" body that unless it actually does something about starting to clean up its act, the U.S. just might withhold its contribution.

Note please, I used the word contribution, not dues, because that's what it is. A contribution. In fact, the UN's own charter states that its funding is from contributions made by its member states nations.

How would the United Nations survive?! Actually, who cares.

Practically speaking, though, for the short-term instead of its standard two-year budget, Bolton says the UN should pass an interim one covering just three months.

I'm sure, aren't you, that they can make due for that short period on the contributions made by . . . I dunno, the Group of 77?

We, the U.S. taxpayer are kicking in 22 percent of the UN's general budget, not to mention other monies every time these beggers open their yap. And according to this, Bolton mentioned not only the U.S. withholding its contribution, but the posibility of them having to compete for it.

(Hmmmm, an organization comprised only of democratic nations maybe?)

I can hear the Lefty-Loons screaming already. But what about the poor widdle "developing" countries! The Turd World!!!
It is also shameful the way the U.N. has become a club for the privileged and the connected. Are we the only ones who chafe at the injustice of delegates from impoverished and oppressed nations enjoying all the luxuries that New York City has to offer while they do little — if anything — to help their countrymen back home?
A bit more from that here. Do read it.

You know, with the UN needing so much money (in the form of a loan from the U.S., of course) to refurbish its headquarters because Kofi Annan says it's falling down around their ears, maybe something good can actually come out of the USSC's Kelo v New London decision.

I hear Havana's lovely this time of year.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

The UN should be shut down. It's proven to be just a good old boys scammer club..

6:26 PM  

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