Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I am a Lert

Tank and I wath playing with the thocker ball but then he went off 'cauth he had to take a thit or thomthing. Tho, I had the thocker ball all to mythelf for a few minutth but then . . .

I thaw thomthing, tho thkrew the thocker ball!

Wath it one of the thquirrelth in the treeth that I tried to climb up after thith morning?

The pothum I thpotted on the thed roof . . . I'm not thure when?

Perhapth the thpider I barked at non-thop when I thaw it outthide a window?

I don't know what I jutht thaw but thith I do. I know I thaw thomething.

I am alwayth a Lert.

Tharbuck, the Wonderdog


Blogger Mary Stella said...

It's good to be a lert. We need more lerts. *g*

4:35 PM  

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