Sunday, December 11, 2005

Colts 26, Jaguars 18

It's not that the Jags lost today that bothers me. What does is the way they did.

When Del Rio, the head coach can't discipline himself enough to keep his own mouth shut and pulls a penalty all on his very own, what the heck example does that set for the players.

A play or two before that a personal foul by one of the Jags on the field, and a play or two after Del Rio's penalty, John Henderson earns his team another big one for pushing a Colts player's face into the turf. Repeatedly.

And this was just in one series!

I didn't like the fumbles or turnovers, but those I can take.

What I can't stand are the kinds of stunts, the temper tantrums, I saw today.

My apologies to David Garrard, the backup quarterback who may be Numero Uno for the rest of the season because Leftwich's broken ankle could and probably will keep him out until next year.

Garrard played his heart out again but today, the Jags deserved to lose.


Blogger GUYK said...

LOL I felt the same way about the Bucs a lot of times. Losing is one thing but losing becasue of penaties for unsportmanlike conduct is another. Holding, off sides, cliping and such are to be expected in a hard played game. But there is no excuse for being undisciplined and getting the other calls.

I have contended for years that the NFL is as much of a head game as it is a physical game. The team that comes to play and has the mental discipline to do it right and not make mistakes usually wins the game. And Tong Dungy and his Colts are the best at it this year. They have the best quarterback, no doubt. But they are also the best self disciplined team in the league. I wish I could say that about the Bucs.

10:05 AM  

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