Thursday, May 11, 2006


The radio station interrupted its regular broadcasting this morning saying it was being reported at a news conference later in the day, Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Jimmy Smith would announce his retirement from football. And, that's exactly what happened.

At 37 Jimmy's up there in age for the NFL and he's probably slowed down, not that anyone watching him play could tell. Or those still double-teaming him even last year could, either.

Whether on television or in the stands, when Jimmy was on the field you always felt an electricity because you never knew what kind of a spectacular play he was going to make, and he made every single one look routine.

I remember two in particular, though. Da Kid and I were in the stands, at around the 20 yard line, when in the end zone Jimmy Smith (again) defied gravity to grab an uncatchable ball for a touchdown.

Then there's the one we saw on television when Jimmy caught the football, but no touchdown was called because he was ruled out of bounds. Jimmy bounced up and headed straight to Jack Del Rio, the coach, convincing him to toss the flag for an instant replay judgement. "After review" and by a toe, the touchdown was awarded.

Jimmy's retirement wasn't exactly a surprise. He'd mentioned it occasionally, no specific year ever mentioned, with only one thing certain. This was a team he loved and an area he now called home. No matter what the future held, when he retired it would be as a Jaguar.

What was a surprise was that Jimmy announced today. I thought I'd have one more year to watch him play. Da Kid was equally surprised. With Jimmy's numbers and durability, Da Kid was planning on again claiming him for his Fantasy Football Team this year.

Gonna miss him.


Blogger GUYK said...

I admired his consistancy and ability and the fact that he was a different type of wide reciecer--one that wasn't a prima donna and could keep his mouth shut> Smith will be missed by the jags--but not by the other teams!

6:41 AM  

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