Sunday, June 25, 2006

Quotable Quotes

"'Redeployment' is ingenious. I'll bet the focus-group consultants were delirious: 'surrender, 'lose,','scram,' 'scuttle ignominiously,' 'head for the hills' all polled poorly, but 'redeploy' surveyed well with all parts of the base, except the base in Okinawa, where they preferred 'sayonara' -- that's 'redeploy' in any language. The Defeaticrats have a clear message for the American people. Read da ploy: No new quagmires.

"This is the most artful example of Leftspeak since they came up with 'undocumented immigrant.' In fact, if it catches on, I'll bet millions of fine upstanding members of the Undocumented-American community now start referring to themselves as Redeployed Mexicans." -- Mark Steyn

(Steyn at his best. Real it all)



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