Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's dead, Jim

What a difference two months make. Within days the love fest was over. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and his horde had a hissy fit when a few others in the senate disagreed with their plan to limit amendments and discussion of what was actually in their bill. Their plan, obviously, was to rush the 600+ page bill through so fast that the public wouldn't have time to read it.

Then when it came time to conference and reach a compromise with the even less well known House bill that had previously and very quietly been passed, no one would probably be paying attention.

Instead, the amendments were offered and discussed. Most of them were killed tabled, but by the time the Senate passed the bill, the public at least had had a chance to learn about its provisions.

Hubby and I agreed that the only hope of stopping it from becoming law lay with the House of Representatives.

As of this writing, the House still hasn't named anyone to a conference committee. Instead, starting next months it's going to have hearings in Washington "and across the country 'so we understand what the American people are saying," said House Speaker Dennis Hastert of Illinois."

"We're going to listen to the American people," Hastert said. "The top thing is we need to secure the borders and we need to have the law enforcement to go along with that."

[ . . . ]

A House Republican staffer, however, told CNN that said the hearings would effectively be "a final nail in the coffin" of the Senate's legalization program.

"If it weren't already in the the ground, it's going there," the House aide said. -- CNN
Is the House really sticking its heels in, or is it just pre-election maneuvering? That's impossible to know but the amnesty for illegal aliens the Senate wants looks dead, at least for this year.


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