Monday, September 11, 2006

I remember . . .

Robert Levine, 56, West Babylon, N.Y.
corporate broker sales, Cantor Fitzgerald Confirmed dead, World Trade Center, at/in building

I'm not on the list of blogs for the 2996 Project. I did, however, choose Mr. Levine to remember by putting the Project Logo (with his name and the town in which he lived) in my sidebar.

Kate and Jonathon of Jonathon'a Closet also chose to remember Robert Levine. Please take just a few minutes to read what the mother and son blogging team wrote.

I'm going to remember Mr. Levine my own way. No, I didn't know him or anyone in his family. I do know West Babylon, the small Long Island town he called home.

I grew up there.

Not quite a year ago Babylon Township unveiled its own 9/11 Memorial to honor the 48 of its own who were killed that beautiful, crisp September morning five years ago.

Although I haven't lived in West Babylon since the mid-70s, just as the Township claimed its own to remember, I chose one of my own.


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