Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dear Nico,

Thank you for your February 8 email concerning this post. You wrote, "You might see fit to mention this point while commenting on Pelosi's aircraft issues. We've been covering the story all week," and you even included a link to "Hastert Used Military Aircraft To Fly Foley Page Scandal Figure To Washington."

That's just so danged thoughtful of you, especially as busy as you are.

That you even noticed this tiny little blog of mine much less took the time to write to me . . . really, I'm almost speechless. Almost, but not quite.

Consider it mentioned, purple prose headline and all.


The headline of the Think Progress story you, as one of its assistant editors and perhaps the story's author, emailed, makes it clear just how desperately you want to try to distract from "Pelosi's aircraft issues." Why else would <gasp> "Foley Page Scandal" be relevent much less the need for the word (cue the ominous music) "Figure" in the headline.

Such imagery conveyed with only a few words! Like . . . uh, the Runaway Bride, maybe? A towel draped over this mysterious "figure's" head to hide their identity? I commend you, Nico! Such a similarity in tone to a headline I saw at the grocery store the other day: "Space Aliens Ate My Baby's Brain."

Anyway, interestingly enough, as the Think Progress piece noted in regular font but drowned in the surrounding sea of text in BOLD (So that readers would skim by it?), the "Foley Page Scandal Figure" was none other than Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL), who happened to be chair of the board overseeing the page program at the time. And like Hastert, <gasp> also IN Illinois.

So, with the Lefty-Loons and media hyping "Foleygate," the military aircraft taking Hastert back to Washington from Illinois, makes a stop at another Air Force Base in Illinois, to pick up the guy in charge of the page program, too.

Can you imagine?

I can imagine how you would have spun it if Shimkus hadn't been in Washington because he was still waiting for a connecting flight: Bush Orders Hastert To Delay Appearance by Page Scandal Witness.

Feel free to email me again, Nico. Any time.



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