Monday, April 30, 2007

Smoke and ash

Yesterday dawned hazy as the wind began driving thick smoke from the massive wildfires in Southeast Georgia into my part of Northeast Florida for the first time since February 18.

The news was reporting that the wildfire in Waycross, Georgia, was 70 percent contained, which made it sound like it had been beaten or soon would be. Meanwhile Da Kid, who was on duty -- between calls to put out fires in his own county -- sent me an image of the ashes falling outside his station dozens of miles away.

I'm, and I'm guessing, 80 to 100 miles away from it and yet this morning I found a fine coat of white ash on my car.

The other day Da Kid showed me a Youtube video of a convoy of firetrucks, some from his department.

With the way the wind is blowing here today it's smokey again, and the news is reporting that the wildfire in Waycross, Georgia, is now 64 percent contained. That's just one of them up there.

Here, fire sirens have been yowling all day with engines zooming in all directions. Or maybe it just seems that way.

And still, no rain.


Satellite image via Weather Underground

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