Thursday, June 07, 2007

It's dead, Jim

I have a confession to make: I've been watching C-SPAN these last few days, and now I think it safe to say that the Senate's COMPREHENSIVE Immigration Bill -- while still wiggling -- is gasping its last few breaths.

Harry Reid said from the start that the bill was perfect as written and any attempts to amend it would kill it. Lo and behold, Tuesday it became obvious to me that any amendments submitted that would tighten up or close the dozens of loopholes in this boondoggle would be ignored. One that was voted on Tuesday (and as I recall approved) was submitted by Russ Feingold, to authorize the creation of a commission to study how badly the U.S. had treated Japanese-Americans and German-Americans during World War II, and the reasons why the U.S. didn't accept more Jewish refugees fleeing the Nazis.

Reid and the bill's "managers" have been selecting what amendments would be voted on and which ones would be buried. As you might expect this hasn't gone over too well, and Senators who've had their amendments stalled in this manner have been quite vocal about it. As the dam began to break and certain amendments debated, it became painfully clear just how bad this bill -- that Reid and Company had tried to force through -- was.

Jeff Sessions (R-Alabama) said several times when he was pointing out a few of the loopholes that he'd voted against last year's immigration bill because it was so bad. "This one is even worse."

C-SPAN is still showing Senators milling around the Senate floor. There is no audio, however, except for music that sounds quite appropriate for a funeral home.

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