Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Although Da Kid no longer lives here, I still get phone calls for him periodically.

One came in this afternoon with a recorded message first stating his name, then asking him to call 1-800-830-1925 regarding his debit or credit card.

Yeah, right, I thought. I've gotten calls like this before so I did what I always do. I STAR-69ed sure it would be another one where the number was not available because it was "outside your calling area," or if a phone number HAD been recorded, incoming calls were blocked.

Except not only had a number been recorded, it was the same number Da Kid had been asked to call.

So, I called it and found myself in a menu tree of something called The Risk Management Center.

Yeah, right, I thought. Since I've gotten calls like this before, the next thing I did was google 1-800-830-1925.

Oh oh, I thought as I called Da Kid at the station.

He thought, just as I had and still suspected as a possibility, that it was some skunk trying to extract information from him so they could hijack his debit card.

When he called, though, they didn't want any information. They already had it asking him only to confirm his name, and that he had a debit card with this particular banking institution.

Had he used his debit card today, they then asked, at a Mickey D's in Southeast Georgia.

Da Kid said he had.

Had he used the debit card today, they next asked, to pay for a $64 meal at a restaurant in Canada?

No, he had not.

"Didn't think so," said the person from The Risk Management Center. They'd already put a hold on the suspicious transaction and any further authorizations using Da Kid's debit card number until they heard from him.

Per Da Kid's instructions they reactivated the number just long enough for him to use it at a Wally World to get some cash, and then killed the number. Dead. Permanently.

So, if you receive a recorded message telling you to call 1-800-830-1925 about your credit or debit card, it's not from skunks trying to rip you off.

Call 'em back fast, 'cause they're trying to keep a skunk from doing just that.



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Anonymous Reported Calls said...

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