Sunday, August 05, 2007


Starbuck and the Granddog haven't been around each other all that much. We've been working on that with visits back and forth, but the situation is rather awkward.

Starbuck picked Da Kid as his Chosen Person For Life long ago, back when he was still a ward of the animal hopsital and Da Kid, his primary vet tech. Now, when Da Kid comes for a visit he often stinks of another dog, and sometimes even brings that Other Dog with him.

To make matters even worse, when Da Kid sits on the couch -- where he and Starbuck snoozed together for years -- the Granddog jumps up with HIS CPFL.

Starbuck reached his limit today when Da Kid flopped on the couch to watch television and immediately started dozing off, and the Granddog jumped up with him, curling up against Da Kid's belly fully intending to doze off himself.

Enough was enough. Starbuck took action.

Levitating over the end of the couch, he slurped the Granddog full in the face to make him move, before snuggling up where he always has behind Da Kid's legs, announcing clearly that when it comes to Da Kid, He's my pillow, not yours.



Blogger pamibe said...

Awww, Starbuck. We can't choose who we love, or control who they love in turn, can we? Hugs, sweetie.

10:19 AM  

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