Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Attack not first by ranch big cats

That front page headline in today's paper sure gave me the jollies. Yep. It sure did, especially as I read the rest of the article.

"State documents describe four attacks in five years involving big cats from Jacksonville's Catty Shack Ranch and Wildlife Sanctuary, whose owner was mauled this weekend at the St. Johns County Agricultural Fair after pulling a tiger off a 14-year-old boy."

We're not talking little tabby cats, folks, but these fools don't seem to realize that.

"The 1999 incident occurred when an assistant took one of the ranch's cougars from a veterinarian's office to her home, keeping it in her garage. The woman took the cougar out of its enclosure to clean it, but she forgot to close her garage door. A 19-month-old girl wandered from her back yard into the garage, where the cougar was held by a pole with a noose. The little girl approached, and the cougar "attacked the child, inflicting the bite," Lt. Skip Trubey wrote. She needed two stitches."

Thank goodness it was only two stitches. But ya know, like, everybody keeps a cougar in their garage?



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