Sunday, January 02, 2005

Housekeeping (Blogkeeping?)

About a month ago, Alaa at The Mesopotaminan wrote:

This site has gone completely crazy. The template was corrupted and I lost the comments, and nothing seems to work right. I still have important things to tell you. Therefore if I cannot repair the site I shall have to find a new one.
Nothing since, so I'm removing his link. I'll restore it if/when he begins blogging again or if he already is, find out from where.

As I reported earlier, Florida Cracker changed her blog host. Since she has also managed to reclaim its old domain name, she proudly proclaims that "all roads now lead" to her site. (And she's also blogrolled little ol' me!)

I've also adding another Florida blogger, Attaboy . . .

. . . which means I think I'll add a completely new header, FLORIDA BLOGGERS


Anonymous Anonymous said...

...To which I have reciprocated with a link to you. ;-)

Joe @ attaboy

1:57 PM  
Blogger doyle said...


10:36 PM  

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