Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Expect a major drop in store sales next Christmas

I mentioned yesterday that I was in not the proper frame of mind (That's a nice way of putting it, I think.) to face a trip to the big mall. Let me correct what I said slightly. It's the Big Mall.

We used to live on that side of town and Regency Square was pretty darned big even 30 years ago. Over the years it kept birthin' new tenants and growing, until there was no room for more. So, whole bunches of other malls sprang up around the Big Mall, which means the whole place is FUBAR to start with, and much worse at this time of year because all of the drivers are trying to enact their obvious closet desire to commit suicide and take a couple extra folk with 'em just for fun.

I had three stops to make, none of which were in the Big Mall itself. I knew exactly what I wanted in each of the stores. Total actual time required for shopping, 30 minutes. Maybe 45 at the most.

The rest of the four hours I was gone I spent in my car, the majority of which was either stopped dead in traffic or roaring along at a whole 2 miles per hour. And I'm not talking about the parking lots, either. Officially designated ones, that is. These were the main roads: four- and six-lane highways that stretch for miles.

Next year, I'm doing my shopping online.


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