Friday, January 28, 2005

"[S]orry asses."

Neil Cavuto (bio), is the anchor of the Fox News weekday show Your World as well as the station's managing editor of all business news programming.

Cavuto calls the last few minutes of each Your World broadcast "Common Sense" and he makes no bones about it. This segment makes no attempt at being "fair and balanced," it's purely his opinion.

Opinion on what? It varies depending on (business related or not) what's in the news, and the big story getting the most coverage today is, of course, the upcoming elections in Iraq.

I was busy doing something so I didn't hear today's broadcast. Hubby, however, did and when it was over asked me, "Did you hear what Cavuto said?" When I said I hadn't, Hubby continued. "He called the U.N. 'bastards'."

Neither Hubby nor I care much for the U.N., and that's putting it very politely, but Cavuto is not usually prone to strong language and to be honest, Hubby is not the most reliable of reporters.

The crap Hubby said Cavuto had described sounded to me just like something the U.N. would do, but Cavuto saying "bastards"? I said I'd see if a transcript was online yet and . . .

So the United Nations is all hot and bothered over leaflets. That's right — leaflets. Not the insurgents' leaflets — the ones that talk of murdering anyone who dare goes out and votes. Not a word about them.

No, they are upset at "our" leaflets. The ones that simply remind Iraqis they have the chance to vote. They've plenty of words about them. The U.N. claims that we're taking sides.
Cavuto was showing great restraint when he only said "bastards."

The rest is here.


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