Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Suppressing the news

Media bias. We see it every day in how the news is covered. Facts that aren't sympathetic to the spin desired on a story aren't mentioned, while those that are, are hyped hard and endlessly. As Rathergate evidenced, documents that authenticate "facts" can be complete, obvious fabrications, but they'll still be used for no other reason than they support the media elite's own beliefs.

And sometimes, the entire MSM makes a concerted effort to ignore a big news story. They don't want you to know about it because it completely contradicts the "news" they've been spinning.

I thought the job of the media was primarily to report the facts. It was obvious to me that many hundreds of [John Kerry's] former comrades coming forward to say that he lied about his record in Vietnam and that he was unfit to be President would be important information for Americans. I only then became aware of the bias of the media.
It was a rude awakening for John O'Neill, co-author with Jerone Corsi of the New York Times best seller . . .

I became a part of [Swift Vets for Truth] early to mid March. I was motivated by several things, the first and most important being a genuine fear of what would happen to our country, our national security, and our armed forces if John Kerry became Commander in Chief.

The reason we had our press conference on May 4 was that we thought if we could come forward quickly, we might be able to prevent John Kerry from becoming the Democratic nominee and allow the Democratic Party to pick someone else, in which case we could all go home.
Few reporters came to the press conference. Those that did, didn't report on it.

The establishment media was very pro-Kerry. They were opposed to any story that was critical of Kerry, and I believe that they were captured by their own bias. We met with one reporter around that time. We told a story to him relating to Kerry's service. He acknowledged it was true and terribly important. And he told us he would not print it because it would help George Bush. That's when we began to realize we had a real problem on our hands.
MUCH more here.

(Via Powerline.)

Oh, and today marks Day 44 since John Kerry promised on national television to sign form SF-180 that would release all of his military records.


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