Friday, May 20, 2005

Cuba Nostalgia

They love the United States and her beacon of freedom that gave them shelter and hope when they fled castro's Cuba.

This weekend many -- like those of us who love where we live now but still recall with with great fondness a place that was our home long ago -- will be celebrating those memories again this year at the Cuba Nostalgia Convention in Miami.

This year's celebration will be a bit different from the ones before it. Babalu's Val Priesto agreed to set up a blogger's booth, the convention's first.

Val got a little carried away. Instead of just a laptop or maybe two . . .

As you get a chance this weekend, please stop by not only to read with Val and others are live blogging but see some of the fun via the webcams.

If you have problems getting through, please check back. Not only will traffic be high but already, their "anti-virus and security software for all the pcs are going absolutely apeshit ... with hack attempts."


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