Thursday, June 23, 2005

There's another reason ...

There's another reason why we don't like any animals but our own in our yard, especially those belonging to whatever "New Crew" is diagonally across-the-way in back.

For the first time in six months, Da Kid (Da Vet Tech) had a weekend off. And so did Herself, his fiancé. They had plans: dinner, movies, hang out down at the beach.

Friday night Da Kid's cell phone sounded. Sheila, our neighbor, was on the other end. Dozer, her family's 10-month-old dog, wasn't acting right.

After she described over the phone what was going on, Da Kid said to take him to the emergency care animal hospital. While some of the symptoms sounded like Parvo, since he'd given Dozer his innoculations himself, he figured when Sheila said Dozer had chewed up his feed bowl the dog might have an intestinal blockage.

Da Kid and Herself met Sheila there. No blockage. Dozer did have Parvo.

Although when he's outside Dozer is usually in Sheila's fenced back yard, when she gets home from work she turns Dozer loose in her unfenced front yard while she checks her mailbox and then sits on her porch to decompress.

Because Parvo is so hardy and can remain active for months, instead of spraying to kill bugs this weekend Sheila was pumping a bleach solution throughout her yard.

And in the night sometime over the weekend, the latest "New Crew" moved out.


Dozer's home now. He's scrawny and still weak he'll be okay.

Parvo vaccinations are effective but may not provide complete protection to younger dogs because their immune system may not be sufficiently developed, or older dogs with immune system that may be wearing down simply because of their age.


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