Saturday, July 09, 2005

Hurricane Blogging

Still no rain here and trust me, I'm not complaining. The air feels like it weighs two tons and the sky to the west is getting darker signaling Dennis's northward movement even though it's off Florida's west coast and we're on its east.

From Key West Mary Stella is celebrating that although the weather got wild, Dennis didn't hit them head on. Oh, and a little thing like still having power, too.

Those in castro's Cuba weren't quite as fortunate. Commenters at Val Priesto's Babalu Blog are sharing information as it becomes available, as is Robert at The 26th Parallel.

Boudicca isn't actually gone. She's evacuation blogging complete with updates Situation Reports she's posting on behalf of The Great Omnipotent One.

Kathy Kinsley at On The Third Hand who is also linking to Florida Bloggers, points to an entry from Tree Hugging Sister. Please follow the link.


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