Saturday, March 04, 2006

Look into my eyeth!

Look DEEP into my eyeth.

I am Thwami Thtarbuck.

I know everything.

I thee everything.

Even when my other two eyeth are clothed and I'm thnoring, my third eye thtill thees everything.

(Thut up! That'th NOT a thticker from a banana thtuck on my head. That'th my third eye! THIT! Where wath I?)

You are helpleth.

You can not rethitht.

Feed me treatth.

Lotth and lotth of treatth.


Blogger Mark said...

Give that dog a bone!!!

And tkae that thticker off hith fathe, for chrithake!

LMAO - Thanks for the much needed mirth.

3:25 PM  
Blogger doyle said...

That'th my third eye, you thilly perthon, and latht night it magically and mytheriouthly turned blue!

I AM the all powerful and all theeing Thtarbuck!

Ecthept I can't have boneth. With my delicate thtomach, I'll thit all over the plath twenty-four/theven for dayth if I do.



7:05 PM  

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