Thursday, April 06, 2006

You blew it

John McCain's in there somewhere, with this self-serving bunch that was so pleased with themselves today when they announced that in the spirit of bi-partisenship, they'd reached a tentative agreement on "immigration reform."

All the beaming faces as they congratulated each other saying how great and wonderful so-and-so was, with So-And-So interrupting to interject, "No! You're even more wonderfuller than I am!"

(Dang! Can you tell I'm a little pissed?)

Corporations will maintain a supply of cheap labor that keeps wages for American citizens depressed. The illegals, if they're working, will continue to send a goodly chunk of their pay back "home," taking those dollars out of our economy and putting it into theirs. Then, since the illegals either don't earn enough or don't have enough money left to pay their own way, they'll continue to suck down the public services that we taxpayers are forced to fund for them. And, their corporate employers.

This isn't "reform."

The Senate agreement on immigration, hailed on Thursday by both Republicans and Democrats as a breakthrough, would closely mimic the 1986 overhaul of US immigration laws that has been criticised by both sides for exacerbating the problem of illegal immigration in the US. -- Financial Times.
Same citation:

With four times as many illegal immigrants as in 1986, it would now require even greater bureaucratic and police resources to identify those eligible to stay, while deporting or denying work to those who do not qualify.

Immigration advocates criticised the compromise as "completely unworkable".
Even "immigration advocates" are against what you came up with, you idiots!

In other words, despite all the self-serving PR engineered today, not one of you actually accomplished one damned thing.

You idiots will begin your two-week vacation tomorrow afternoon, the threatened anti-American immigration demonstrations will go on Monday as previously scheduled, and the US will continue to be overrun by illegals that ordinary folk like me and mine will continue paying for through the nose.

But wait! One of you idiots DID actually accomplish something.

The presidential aspirations you have, Senator Frist?

You blew it.


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