Monday, July 31, 2006

Do you know where your child is?

I know exactly where mine is! Kinda.

Arriving yesterday he's there -- somewhere in there -- until August 7 with his Search and Rescue class for eight ten-hour days of "fun" called Structural Collapse Training. "There" we learned last night when Da Kid called to let us know he'd arrived safely is Hunter Air Force Base (which is what he referred to it as) outside of Savannah. In Savannah. All Da Kid ever said about where he was going to for training was that it was in Savannah. I don't think he knew.

Hunter AFB is also known as the Hunter Army Airfield / Ft. Stewart complex. It's also home to the Coast Guard's Search and Rescue for the entire southeastern United States.

Based on Da Kid's quick call ("The Eating Machine" hadn't had a chance to eat all day and starving.) it's almost a city unto itself with numerous fast food places and restaurants on base. That took a load off his mind! Lodging for them, he knew, had been taken care of and covered although he didn't know any of the details, but not food. Meals were up to them to figure out.

Not knowing where they'd be sleeping, Da Kid took with him his station "bedding": a pillow and a blanket. When he said last night that their sleeping quarters were on base, Hubby and I immediately assumed barracks until Da Kid mentioned that this is the nicest place he'd ever stayed in.

Wherever the heck they're being put up I sure don't know, but everyone has their own bedroom, although (I think he said) four other "bedrooms" share the same living room and kitchen.

As I said it was a quick call, but I suspect the station bedding Da Kid brought with him is still in his truck.


Blogger ABFreedom said...

Cool .... he's probably going to have a fantastic time ... :-)

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