Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'll take "Those 'Pesky Jooze'" for $1000, Alex.

I don't have a military background so I'm definitely not qualified to make any definitive judgements. I am, however, a reader, fairly-well <waggle hand> informed when it comes to current events and don't believe in coincidences. Actually, I do when it comes to some things but not this time.

Instead of a brain I have a sludge pit where bits and pieces of information become stuck, and sink below the surface only to reappear later and unexpectedly. Da Kid's been saying for years when it comes to recalling useless tidbits, I'm a natural for the game show Jeopardy. He says I'd be a big winner.

What was the big international news that had everyone's attention just a few weeks ago? No, not the North Korean Nutziod and his military missile program code-named "Splash." The one before that.

It was Iran's nuclear capabilities. Their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was and is still playing games claiming that their nuclear intentions are peaceful (except for Israel which he keeps ranting must be obliterated) and they must have it for their power needs. And nobody can tell them they can't because if they try to, they're going to be obliterated right along with Israel.

Funny how all that disappeared from the headlines.

Iran has plenty of oil but has to import gasoline because it lacks refining capabilities. No argument there, but you'd think if they're putting so much effort, expense and know-how into a nuclear program for what they insist is much-needed power, building refineries and generating stations would be simpler and far more sensible.

The UN's IAEA, of course, is useless and as usual totally inept and corrupt. One of their inspectors complained about the lack of cooperation he'd been receiving from Iran. Iran told the IAEA to get rid of him. So the IAEA did.

About this time some began to recall a similar situation back in the early 80s with Iraq. The UN had been doing its usual (no)thing as the "international community" dithered about how to handle Saddam's nuclear program.

Don't worry, the assurances were. There's plenty of time to work this out. Iraq's YEARS and YEARS away from . . .

Finally Israel bombed Iraq's reactor and low and behold, that's when it was discovered Saddam was much closer to nuclear weapons than anyone knew. Or admitted they knew. If I recall correctly and I'm not absolutely certain I do, only a year?

Twenty-five or so years later the same situation is again occurring but this time with Iran.

Don't worry, the assurances have been. There's plenty of time to work this out, we're being told. Iran's YEARS and YEARS away from . . .

But if they're wrong again as we all know they are, everyone knows that Israel can be counted on to do what it did last time. Take out the nuclear program, this time Iran's.

Ahmadinejad may be nuts but he's not stupid.

Based on Israel's effectiveness in stopping Iraq's nuclear program, I wonder if he thought the best way to buy time to protect his own includes ordering Hezbollah and Hamas to do whatever they could to keep those pesky jooze distracted.


Blogger Paula said...

Interesting. Some of the peeps going on about "disproportionate response" say this conflict is good for Hezbollah, so therefore it's bad and Israel should stop--of course these are the same peeps who think Israel should stop anyway cuz it makes them feeeeeel bad to see pics of injured Lebanese. Oh, OF COURSE they also feel bad when they see pics of injured Israels, blah de blop. But I don't know...this new conflict would be a GOOD reason to whomp Iran sooner rather than later, so perhaps it wasn't that well thought out.

12:24 AM  
Blogger doyle said...

You know what "proportionate response" is, Paula? It's an episode from the original Star Trek series.

Kirk and the crew transport down to a "peaceful" planet where war doesn't exist. It has become computer-generated numbers. One side "attacks" the other and the computer orders X peeps over there to walk into termination centers. That side "retaliates" and X peeps on the "aggressor's" side are ordered by the computer to walk into termination centers. So orderly and diplomatic, the same "war" had been going on for 400 years.

Remember that one?

Uhhhhhh, not that you were born yet and saw it when it originally aired, naturally. Re-runs, of course.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

I remember that one!! So...if a Hamas homicide bomber blows up an Israeli cafe and kills 10 people, then the Israeli army can march into Gaza and shoot 10 people at random? Heh.

12:01 AM  
Blogger doyle said...

Close, but I think true proportionality would also necessitate that when Hamas blows up a 78-year-old grandmother in Israel, then Israel can do the same to a 78-year-old grandmother in Gaza. A six-year-old child for a six-year-old child . . . and so on.

12:03 PM  

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