Saturday, July 01, 2006


Jeff from Athenamama has this week's Carnival of the Dogs up at Mickey's Musings. He'll be taking care of the Carnival until . . . well, let's let Mickey (Annmarie) tell the story:

When Herbie originally proposed to me, almost 30 years ago, I said yes and I asked him to "Take me home" which was to Maine, but, he wasn't able to then, he needed to go back out on a fishing trip (commercial fisherman). In the following three weeks, I got cold feet. This wasn't the age of cells phones, there wasn't any way to speak to him or give him the chance to offer any reassurances, so off I of the first runaway brides! LOL! We have both had our ups and downs over the years, each of us ending up in a less than ideal marriage.

Thirty years later and strictly by chance, Herbie and Annmarie again crossed paths.

This time he didn't go fishing, and she didn't get cold feet.

Their wedding is today.

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