Thursday, December 28, 2006

Judge not . . . if you ain't one

And a judge I am this year for The Florida Masochist's Knucklehead of the Year Award. Well . . . one of them anyway. Uh . . . judge, I mean. Not knucklehead.

Voting on category winners was conducted before Christmas and TFM has begun announcing the preliminary results.

And, the winners (so far) are . . .

Organizations, Corporation and Associations
Sports and Entertainment.

Stay tuned to TFM for the results of other categories.

Then, it comes down to the big one. The BIG Winner! Who, I know you're already wondering, will the judges select for the most coveted award of all: KNUCKLEHEAD OF THE YEAR!

With so many overqualified nominees it was a difficult choice to make. But finally, after much thought, I submitted my ballot in this morning.


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