Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A little bit wet

The front page headline of today's paper reads, 'NIGHTMARE OF A DAY'. Like this has never happened before? The flooding, I mean. It has, several times over the years, and always in the usual spots. With as many newcomers as we have now, I guess they just don't know what areas to avoid.

What was different, though, is that while some areas had to deal with as much as 8 inches of rain, I didn't get even single drop.

Not one.

Not that it didn't get . . . uh, interesting from time to time.

With both Da Kid and Herself both at work, I'd planned on going over to their house around noon to let the Granddog out to commune with nature. Instead, after looking out the window around 11 and seeing an endless, particularly dark purple-blue cloud in that general direction I said, "Oh shit!" packed up stuff to do in case I got stuck there for a while, and headed out the door.

No need. Their sidewalk was a bit damp when I arrived and left about 30 minutes later. Their total rainfall accumulation, according to the National Weather Service, was a whole tenth of an inch.

I had a few other, "Oh Shit" moments during the day when it got VERY dark outside way too quickly, or when a strong gust of wind came out of nowhere.

Today was a repeat of yesterday -- dark and windy -- without all the rain and flooding south of me.

The weatherjerks are saying it might get . . . uh, interesting again tonight. Same system, too.

It's just sitting there off the coast, they're saying, maybe getting a bit more . . . uh, interesting.



Blogger pamibe said...

I thought we were going to get some of that down here, but I guess it's better off where it can drain into the lake.
I'd like some drinking water next year. ;)

NOT that flooding is good, at all. Is your area like Houston, floods pretty much every year?

8:34 AM  
Blogger doyle said...

No, it doesn't flood every year but when they occur it's almost always the same areas, but not always at the same time or not the same reason. Some of them are by creeks, others (including some major intersections) come together in a particularly low area. The Beaches, where The Weather Channel is broadcasting from today, has the expected drainage problems (think New Orleans) especially when heavy rains hit at the same time as high tide. Which is what happened to them the other day.

At least it wasn't a full moon, too. That combination is REALLY a hoot!

If you aren't already, you might be getting some rain from this system as it crosses the state into the Gulf.

1:40 PM  

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