Thursday, November 04, 2004

They still don't get it.

The "They" I’m referring to is the lunatic fringe on the left that some mistakenly refer to as Democrats. The LL (Lunatic Left) are the reason why I no longer am one — a Democrat, that is — and another one of the reasons behind Dubya’s almost 4 -million-vote win over Kerry.

Some like Zell Miller, author of A National Party No More (The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat) , crossed party lines openly to vote for Bush. Ohers did, too, but with much less fanfare or simply skipped that race entirely when the voted.

You’d think with the handwriting so clearly written considering the games played leading up to this election and its results, that the LL would realize the majority of voters don’t share their madness. In fact, we are repulsed by it.

We neither want nor need media elites or pseudo-intellectuals lecturing down to us. We don’t like being lied to once much less repeatedly, and we’re sure not so stupid that we don’t know when it happens. In fact, we’re not stupid at all. The engineers behind years of character assassination don’t seem to understand it speaks volumes more to us about them than the person that they’re desperately trying to smear.

The American people may not agree with everything that Bush has done, but I’ve always felt that the majority do respect him. Even more, we respect the office he holds and what it represents. Then there’s that good old-fashioned common sense that those of the ultra-sophisticated persuasion denigrate, demean, despise and deny even the existence of.

I read something this morning written by an acquaintance, someone that I know is not only a gifted writer but who has worked and worked hard to improve his craft, who is finally having some success. I think it’s gone to his head because of all the fancy words he used, I guess to show everyone how much of an intellectual and pseudo-sophisticate he now is compared to the rest of we stupid-dumb folk.

And like other LLs who’ve blown their gaskets because of the number of voters behind Bush’s win, I think he’s just flat-out lost his mind.

Paraphrased to take out all the fancy stuff and to reduce his several-hundred word rant down to its essence:

Screw the voice of the public! The public has spoken before and they’re failures! Look at all of the evil (insert Lefty talking-point list that covers . . . 40 years?) that has resulted! The public don’t know what’s beneficial for them! WE are the only ones who do!

No, they still don't get it. Then again, the Lunatic Left doesn't have to now that they've grabbed control of the Democrat Party's bullhorn.

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Blogger Norma said...

I've been watching rehashes galore this week. You're right, some don't get it. But I'm a little concerned that Republicans aren't seeing how really, really close this was. Lots of work to do.

Norma--also former Democrat

1:15 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

I'm still a registered Democrat. Held my nose and voted for Bush cuz Kerry's such a slime. I'm against 99% of what Bush stands for EXCEPT fighting terrorism. Given the state of the world, that 1% became paramount in my decision. But I fully intend to vote Dem next time if they put up a decent candidate.

That looks like a pretty big freaking if at this point, but I remain optimistic.

9:02 AM  
Blogger doyle said...

I know exactly where you're coming from, Paula. The stench was so bad here in 2002, even holding my nose couldn't stop the smell. At my polling place after I voted in that primary, I did my own NOT-IN-MY-NAME thang and changed my party affiliation.

I'd already had my fill in 2000 with the crud being spread that I knew wasn't true. I thought it was an aberration until 2002. And now 2004?

Like you, I'm hoping things change.

8:32 PM  

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